This is why I find myself obsessed with bicycle touring right now…..the kind of stuff this dude is doing.

Look at where this young guy is going…..on a bicycle.

Good grief….it’s beautiful.

This is a beautiful video….if you watch any of the ones that I post, this is one of the really good ones.

I guess that you can get to most of these places in a car.

But….there’s a lot that you can’t get to unless you’re on foot or riding a bicycle.

That’s the interesting stuff.

I guess that it’s kind of like when we occasionally get up to the Parkway.

All of the places that are pretty easy to get to….that you can drive right up to….are horribly crowded….congested….but if you can find a place to park….and can get up and away from the road a little bit….you often have the place to yourself.

I don’t think that people want to work very hard for their “view”.

Maybe people can’t work very hard for their view?

Maybe a scenic overlook is a good compromise for the folks who can’t hike very far.

Maybe it’s good that they can at least drive around and stop at something pretty for a moment.

I guess that if you’re willing to work a little, it’s still possible to do something good where there aren’t a lot of people.

Anyway, this isn’t about folks in Lincoln Continentals touring the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Look at the places he’s going!!!

This is the good stuff.

That’s what I’m talking about.


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