good news, long haul

I don’t remember ever hearing anything about this guy on the “news”.

Of course, he cycled from Alaska to Florida to raise people’s consciousness about all the “good things” that were going on in the world.

That’s not “newsworthy” in the typical way we’ve come to expect.

If something hasn’t fallen down or apart, it’s not going to make the news.

That’s what “news” is, after all….helping us keep track of all the bad things that are happening to all the people…..all over the world.

Who could afford to keep track of the good things happening around us if we need to pay attention to all the bad things happening everywhere?

If you were going to break this effort down to “just” the athleticism of what this guy did, it’s pretty impressive.

He cycled from Alaska to Florida in 35 days…..averaging about 123 miles per day.

That’s pretty darn impressive.

This was an effort that he funded himself, too…no big organization behind him, no corporate money….just a dude with a lot of endurance and a good heart….out in the world on a bicycle…..reminding people that there are still good things that happen in our lives.

Pretty cool.

Here’s a link to his website…..

How many stories about good people doing good things aren’t we hearing on the “news”?


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