turn up the radio



It’s going to be hotter today than it was yesterday.

That’s normal.

It gets hot this time of year.

The trouble with changes in the weather now, for me at least, is that I’m watchful of everything that happens to a degree that I maybe wasn’t before….what with the veneer of “global warming” hanging over the whole proceedings….and all.

Global warming.

And to top it all off, if you talk to the right people, you’ll discover that it’s all some kind of politcal hoax….some weird leverage that somebody put a name on to swing the political power over to the “side of right”….and that doesn’t even exist except in the minds of the crazy.

The “crazy Democrats” to be precise.

Bunch of evil kooks.

What a shame that the environment gets politicized.

Personally, I think that something’s going on.

Something is changing in the air.

Deniers gonna deny, though….that’s what they do.

I was thinking about it…..laying in the dark and “only warm” of the very early morning.

I thought, “This is kind of like having something wrong with your car….or, maybe, something that sounds a little bit different than before….some new knock or squealing pulley….some tic or wobble that you can’t really identify or change….something that you don’t know how to fix….and hope will just go away on its own….”

This is like that new noise that you hope to ignore by turning up the radio.

This is like that noise that was just irritating at first….that’s sounding more and more terminal as the days go by.

Or, maybe, that you’d know was sounding worse if you didn’t have the radio turned up so loud.

It’s good you started cranking the tunes when it was only an irritating noise, though….it’d be a shame to hear what was becoming really disarming.

You want to ignore the things you cannot fix.

I love music.

I’ll crank up the jams….especially if the only company that I have in the car is a bunch of letters and catalogs.

If there’s nobody whose ears are hurting riding with me, I’ll crank up the jams.

But if I was cranking the tunes, louder and louder, just so that I could ignore the knocks that were getting…. louder and louder, I hope that at some point I’d figure out that it might not have been such a good idea to “crank the jams” to ignore the problem.

I might figure out when the big bang comes and the metal flaps against itself one last time….when the “car sound” turns into some weird “industrial sound”….and my ride comes to one more stop….one more explosive stop….and my “going” is halted….then I might figure out that I missed something that was important to listen to.

I might pay attention when things get really weird and I can’t “go no mo’ “.

We philosophize and conjecture ourselves into a corner.

I think there’s some truth to what people say about climate change….probably a lot of truth.

I’m such a kook.

Crank up the jams.


“turn up the radio” Madonna



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