birds of the air and earth

The birds outside are singing again.

I get up early enough at my house that I have some quiet time…..and the only noise is the birds singing…..maybe some bugs….bugging…..a dog barking down the road somewhere.

It doesn’t really sound like the birds are saying, “MAKE THE DEAL!! MAKE THE DEAL!!”

I don’t know that they engage in commerce….whether it’s the Euro or our dollar…..I don’t think that birds care about that.

They build their nests…..but I don’t think they have any other bird showing them where to do it…..or crowing, “location, location, location”.

Maybe what they’re saying is, “HERE IT COMES!!! HERE IT COMES!!!”

That would make more sense for the time right before the daylight.

Here it comes…..another day….another chance.

It’s kind of funny, really, if I have a second cup of coffee and think about things from a different angle.

We consider ourselves at the top of the….whatever. Food chain? Some other hierarchy?

We’re the kings of the beasts.

But….these birds are flying around….singing in the morning….taking care of only what needs to be taken care of….flying around and enjoying the rest of the time….sitting on a wire, maybe.

Unless something happens and a cat eats you, it’s a pretty appealing scenario.

I worry about stuff….and I can’t fly.

But I’m the “superior species”?

That’s pretty darn goofy.

And how do I know that there’s not some dolphins somewhere hanging out with their friends, discussing how they’re the bigshots in the world picture….the superior species hanging out in the water….the smartypants of the ocean world?

Do I have so much hubris that I can say with certainty that I’m better than a dolphin….or a really smart monkey?

Ah, that’s goofy…..that’s just the “coffee talkin’ “.

I know that I’m better than the angry guy at the Ingles deli….why wouldn’t I be better than a dolphin?

Until proven wrong, I will say that I’m better than a monkey….or a dolphin.

I’ll say it just to feel better about my situation….which is good, by the way, but would be even better if I was superior to as many different things as possible.

In the meantime, these birds are singing….talking to each other….the sun is coming up….and the day is on its way to being something different than night.

It’s a pretty good system that God set up….new morning after new morning….evening and a chance to rest…..chance after chance for something good to come around.

It could have been a grey sameness….but there’s a lot of color and variation in this life.

If I step back to remember that, I can’t help but feel thankful for another breath.

Anyway….if I was going to veer off into a metaphysical corner, I might think that in the swirling mass of molecules that I am that I have more of a connection to that bird flying and singing than I notice when I just look at the solid “me”.

“Spirit” is hard to contain….no matter how much we think we’re separate from each other.

These birds singing?

Why, that happens all the time…what’s so special about a bird singing?


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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