hard rock

My wife’s family lives in a valley that’s surrounded by the San Juan mountains.

It is so beautiful out where they live.

This is a film not so much about running but about the people who support the runners.

There’s an ultrarunning event called the Hard Rock 100 out in Colorado….a 100 mile run through the mountains….where, high up in a pretty innaccessible location, these volunteers set up an aid station and assist the runners on the course.

I wonder, watching these clips of running events and remembering some of the ones that I’ve been at, if it’s not the community as much as the activity that is so interesting to me?

These guys seem like fun people to hang out with.

From my experience, though, it’s always the people who spend the most time outdoors who seem to be the most fun.

Something about being outside and “playing” makes for a fun person.

It was hard for my parents to get me inside for dinner when I was younger.

I was always outside playing.

Now, it seems like I’m inside most of the time.

It seems like we’re all inside….TV’d or tablet or laptop or Gameboy’d….inside must be where it’s going on…..“inside” is where I can watch a video about somebody doing something cool “outside”.

“Fun hogs” is what we call the people driving by with their bikes and kayaks….going somewhere to play in the outside.

We see them on our road all the time….so where we live must be a good destination for the fun hogs to concentrate….or congregate.

Having a camp right up the road must have something to do with it.

I’m running again…..really slowly and not very far….but it’s good to get out in the morning when it’s dark and no one seems to be up yet.

There is something about moving that feels good to me….hopeful or something.

It’s interesting to feel the soreness change to something….not so sore.

My oldest son’s birthday is today!

Happy birthday, Isaac!!


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