Lovin’ Lloyd

Awwwww, man…..”lovin’ Lloyd”?


That’s super freaking creepy.

I’m just kidding around, anyway….what I should have called this post was “liking Lloyd”.

That was more appropriate.

I was going to say I should have called it “likin’ Lloyd”….but that looked too much like “lickin’ Lloyd”….and that was SUPER FREAKING CREEPY.

This dude is what I aspire to be when I’m older than 64…I think that Lloyd is in his mid 70’s now….still riding a skateboard….still putting out great books like “Tiny Homes” and “Builders of the Pacific Coast”….still curious about his world.

So great….Lloyd Kahn.

I like the dude.

Check out this recent video by Kirsten Dirksen…you’ll see what I mean….

See what I mean?

Did you watch the whole thing?

Nah, me either….but I will.

This guy is pretty darn interesting.

Check out some of his books….all of them are great….even the one about septic systems.

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