vinyl cafe stories

One of the perks of driving around all day delivering the mail is that I get to listen to the radio.

I bought a Sirius radio when I’d been delivering full-time for about 4 years…and have a broader range of programming to listen to because of it.

One of the channels that I enjoy listening to is the CBC….the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

It’s a little window into Canada that I’ve enjoyed….and one of the programs that I look forward to the most is a show called “Vinyl Cafe Stories”….a show done by a Canadian storyteller named Stuart McLean.

Here’s an example of what I hear:

There’s something about the cadence and the tone…..and the gentle humor and warmth….that I really like.

I listened to the show today and realized just how much I enjoy this show.

Here’s the guy that does the storytelling:

There’s a lot of noise in most broadcasting today.

If you listen to the “comedy” channels on the Sirius radio, you realize how much “humor” these days is pretty crude….coarse and mean…cynical….and pretty unappealing.

That’s unfortunately pretty common.

I don’t know what we have become that something like that is what passes for entertainment.

I enjoy this guy.

I’m a fan.

I’m glad there’s still decent things to listen to.

Here’s a link to a bunch of broadcasts if you like this stuff….

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