I was going to write about the Duggar family, but….


I was going to write about the Duggar family, but couldn’t imagine how I’d do it or what I’d say.

I’ve heard that if you don’t have anything good to say that you shouldn’t say anything.

Maybe if you don’t know how to say nice things in the correct way….you shouldn’t say anything, either?

That’s a hard thing that family is going through.

It’s tough to be judged because of the actions of one member of the family…and it’s pretty horrible when things fall apart “in the public eye” like that.

Luckily, we fly kind of “under the radar”….nobody pays a lot of attention to what I do.

I could build a big treehouse without a building permit if I wanted to….and if I didn’t wake the neighbors on Sunday morning, no one would ever know.

And besides…..Jenny says that I’m too cheap for something like that Ashley Madison thing.


What the heck were you thinking?

You should have been building a treehouse.

You had a good thing going….nice family, nice wife.

That’s some major craziness….pulling a bunch of stunts like you did.

Enough about the Duggars.

I don’t know them.

They sure do have a lot of kids, though.

Back to this treehouse thought….

Treehouse…..and a dog.

Those are the two promises that I made a couple of years ago.

I better get on it.

So…..treehouse, dog, car for Zoe, fix up our house, fix up the house over at the property, build a cabin in Idaho, start a highly profitable publishing business, get a dog….no, mentioned that already….get a new minivan….replace the gasket in the refrigerator door….put new labels in my mail case….um….get a dog….build a treehouse….finish my coffee.

What else?

There are always things to do that are important.

Winter is coming….right after Fall.

I better cut some wood.

And….as far as the Duggar family goes….this is the opportunity for the real ministry to begin. THIS IS IT!! I have a feeling that they’ll be alright….but what a hurdle Josh put in that family’s way.

He should have kept busy with that tree house he promised he’d build.

Should have built the house up in the tree.

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