Making good time.

I’m listening to “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” again while I drive around delivering the mail.

I’ve done that before….but I guess that I pick something new out of it every listen, so the repetition is probably alright.

This last time, right at the beginning of the book, he said something about “making good time”…..not making good time….like “getting to your destination in a hurry….in the most efficient manner” but “making good time”….using your time in a way that’s good.

That was a nice point to hear first thing at the beginning of another mail route.

It kind of set me off on a good foot.

What’s my option but to be “in the moment” when I’m doing something like delivering the mail, anyway?

It’s kind of funny to realize that when my friends (the Gandy’s) were first reading this….and introduced me to the book….it hadn’t been out very long.

This would have been in the late 70’s, I guess.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was published in 1974.

I bought a copy of “Lila”… his second…and last…book at a library sale for a dollar….and the librarian said, “Oh….he was pretty popular in the 70’s. I remember him….”.

I don’t think that he’s really “only” tied to an era, though.

Anybody who encourages me to “make good time” is welcome in my life.

That’s a good activity to encourage.

This interview is from a period before the book became a bestseller….shortly after its publication.


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