I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 because the advertisement said that it was great….and that it was free.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’d let someone light me on fire if they said that it was free for a limited time only.

Cheapness drives the day.

Windows 10 was kind of cool.

There was a brand new start screen….and I had to poke around some to even figure out how to turn things off when it was time to go to sleep.

But….my computer kept crashing.

Freezing up.

Starting slow.

I didn’t like it.

It wasn’t more stable or faster….it just looked different.

Windows 10 seemed like something that I was going to have to live with….like I learn to live with all my regretted purchases.

Then, the “computer expert” at the liquidation center told me that you could revert back to your earlier operating system pretty easily….so I googled the instructions….and here they are:

rolling back to windows 7 or 8 from Windows 10

All you do….if you’re in the 30 day window from when you first upgraded….is go to settings on your computer, ┬áthen go to the section in settings that says “upgrade and repair”… on that….and if you are still within the 30 day period, it should walk you through the rest of the simple process.

I’ve never seen an operating system that would do that for you….that gave you any options.

So….kudos to Microsoft for letting me get rid of something that was free.

Of course, I’ve never seen an operating system that was given away like this, either.

Unless it was called “Linux”.

The article in the link above is short and good….and walks you through things more clearly than I did….but it’s really easy to get back to what was familiar.

All the old files should be there for use if you ever want to go back to Windows 10 and give it another try.

I wonder about something that Microsoft wants to “give” everybody for free.

Is it the “mark of the beast”?

Are they giving me a razor so they can sell me a bunch of blades later on?

What’s the motivation for this largesse?

What’s Bill Gates’ game this time?

I’m glad that I could get away from something that I didn’t really take the time to figure out.

I could have figured it out inbetween computer crashes.

I know that I could have.

Windows 10….alas, I hardly knew thee.


“get back” The Beatles

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