letters in the deluge

I don’t drive this kind of mail vehicle…..and I’m sure that somewhere in New Jersey, this guy’s office had a good long safety talk about not driving into icy rivers.

“Not driving into icy rivers”!? Hah! That’s crazy. Who would do that?

It’s pouring down rain here….but early enough in the season that I don’t suspect that I’ll encounter any icy rivers.

It’s funny how YouTube goes….if you let it run in the background while you’re typing your blog, it plays all the postman videos that you didn’t know you’d cued up.

How about this one:

People who have the time to stand in their house and film somebody having a problem because somebody else was too lazy to put the trash cans back on the curb….should be….should be….should be….well, something should be done.

And all the trash cans are in the road.

And the mailman comes off as the villain.

I’ll bet that this guy put all the cans in the mailman’s way!!! IT WAS A SETUP!!


Or, and then I’ll stop, because posting a bunch of videos isn’t blogging….it’s just “posting a bunch of videos”.

Here’s a woman complaining about all the bad treatment she’s gotten for years from her mailman.


I’ll bet that the guy delivering the mail would really rather just “go along to get along”….but things are bad all the time with some customers…so what do you do?

Put the package on the porch and get chomped on by the giant Rottweiler….that’s what you do.

Don’t throw the package on the ground, dude.

She’s filming you!!!

“What she went through everyday”.


It was good that the book didn’t tear her disability check, though.

That was a bonus.

“All I did was spend my time filing complaints”.


It’s raining today….and I’ll wear my raincoat….and do everything I can to protect people’s mail.

That’s how I roll.

Who needs any complaints, anyway?

There’s a million or so of these videos about bad mailman.

I don’t want to end up on YouTube.

I better start wearing a disguise….or….just continue to mind my P’s and Q’s.

(We get “safety talks” at work where they run down any accidents that have happened and tell us that we’ll be fired if it happens to us. Most of them seem to involve these LLVs. Crazy. The mailman probably lost his job over this one….)


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