selfie stick

I’m seeing these all over the place now.


It’s called a “selfie stick”.

It’s the thing that lady is paying attention to while she crosses the busy street.


I’d be taking pictures of myself all the time if I had something to take pictures with and one of these sticks.

What friend of mine wouldn’t want to have a picture of me that I sent them with my phone that I took with my phone….and one of these sticks?

I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t want one (or hundreds) of those.

Everybody wants to know about everybody else.

That’s how we all roll.


Of course, you could pick the one guy without a camera and phone….or without a camera phone….or without a phone that was a camera….and who didn’t have a stick to take pictures of himself from farther than arm’s length…and deluge him with pictures of ourselves.

Somebody low on the technological totem pole would appreciate it if we kept him/her in the loop  (and it doesn’t have to be “him/her” at the same time) .

“Selfie sticks”.


People figure out a way to accessorize…..the monkey always figures out a tool.

Jenny said that Kim Kardashian had a coffee table book of selfies….but that it wasn’t selling so well.

It’s called “Selfish” (the book).


That’s kind of hilarious.

I’ll bet that she is well-versed in the efficacy of the selfie stick.

What a collector’s item that would be, though….a signed first edition of a book of pictures of a lady that she took herself.


I don’t know if this lady took this picture herself.

This was done before selfie sticks came around.

She might not have even had a camera?

It’s hard to say.

Oh, well…..”different strokes for different folks”.


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