My cousin in Idaho has a pretty decent sawmill.

If he had a chance to see this one, I suppose that he might say, “uffda”.

Uffda is a Scandinavian word that means something like “uh-oh”….or “oops”….or “shucks” or “oh, no!!” or…..

Words that cover a lot of ground are good ones to have in your vocabulary.

This guy figured out a way to get the whole box up to his backyard…..with a complex system of wheels and pulleys, I suppose.

How about that?

And, when he gets it up to his backyard, he uses it to make poplar shingles for his shed that he’s building.




And if you’re really going to launch yourself into the world of lumber production, why not dress the part?

Barefoot….with no hearing protection….shorts….

What could happen?

Maybe nothing would happen.



This looks like it could be sort of cool to have one of these….and I bet that it would probably work pretty good, too…but, like a lot of Harbor Freight stuff that I own, I suspect that there’s nicer tools out there if you’re willing to spend more money.

That’s genius, huh?

“Spend more money….and you’ll get something nicer than the Harbor Freight stuff.”



There are a kazillion videos on Facebook about bandsaw mills….homemade or store-bought.

Lot’s of folks cutting up those trees.

Check out this one….

It’s fun to see how people figure out how to do stuff.





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