slouching on the couch

Our little girl, Sparrow, put her hand on my chest the other night and said, “nut”.

She’s still pretty young….and even though she talks really well and has a remarkably¬†well-developed vocabulary for such a little person, sometimes I don’t hear what I think she must be trying to say.

Then….she said it again.


When the verdict is in, and the judgement is coming from someone who hasn’t had her second birthday yet, it can kind of rock your world.

Then I realized that she was touching the logo for a Mountain Hardwear fleece pullover that I was wearing.

Their logo is a “nut”….and I’d told her the previous day that it was a “nut” when she asked what it was on my jacket.

Their logo looks like this:


It’s the nut!! Not Daddy!! Daddy wasn’t the nut this time!!

That was kind of cool not to be the nut….this time.

It was funny that she remembered what it was, too….and that I had another logo on the collar of the jacket.

She’s a smart little bird.

We haven’t been watching the news for the last couple of days.

I suppose the comet could hit New York City….and unless the earth lost gravity or we could see the plume of ash covering the sun, I would never know that something had happened.

They’d probably interrupt “Uncle Grandpa” for an important news bulletin if the comet hit the earth, though.

I’d hear about it somehow if the comet hit the earth.

Uncle Grandpa is such a wonderfully weird show.

I told Jenny, when she asked what it was, that it kind of makes Spongebob look like a documentary….that it makes Spongebob look pretty lucid.

It’s a pretty amazingly trippy little show….colorful and weird….funny.

That’s a great benefit of having these little guys around….one of many, actually.

I get to see some amazing weirdness….and, when anyone asks what we’re watching or what I’m doing, I can just tell them that it’s something that the kids wanted to watch.

Don’t tell anyone that it’s really me.

It’s really me who wants to watch Uncle Grandpa.

It’s me…..slouching on the couch.



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