Lloyd Crosses Over

Interesting friends make the world go ’round.

Interesting friends make zip lines across rivers.

I don’t really know either of these two guys…but knowing about them makes my world more interesting.

I’m blessed to have friends who do the same for me…..make my world a lot more fun.

Between my family and my friends….helping me, my world is frequently pretty amazing.

Here’s another video of Lloyd Kahn.

Watching these, I realize what a good thing it is to have interesting people in the world….and not “interesting” like Bruce Jenner….or the Kardashians…or ….any of the other folks who I read about at the grocery store….

I mean interesting stories about people who are actually doing things.

I might have used these videos before….I haven’t had my coffee yet.

(Here’s a very interesting aside: I just stubbed the heck out of my toe on something that was hiding on our floor in the darkness. It sounded like some kind of wonderful “wooden toy”….hard and wheeled and just waiting for me in the middle of the floor….waiting for me to jack my toe up against….destroying my efforts to stay quiet…early…early…early…cussing in the living room while everyone else was asleep. DANG.)

I need to drink my coffee.

Check out Lloyd Kahn and what he’s doing over at Shelter Publications.

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