OK….here’s a guy who lives in Los Angeles….is a photographer….and who doesn’t own a car and bicycles everywhere instead of driving.

Now….it doesn’t rain a whole lot in California….but listen to him talk about some of the issues with riding a bike in a place where the majority of the people drive everywhere.

Did I mention that it doesn’t rain a lot in Southern California?

Dry is easy….but, dry and surrounded by exhaust is kind of hard.

I’m kind of jealous…until I want to wash my car or listen to the stream beside our house.

It’s some easy riding if you don’t worry about hitting a lot of mud or getting drenched.

That’s just a weird aside, though.

My main thought is this: Why is it such an aberration to see somebody who chooses to ride their bike everywhere?

Why is it strange to see somebody who rides a bike in a place where the car reigns supreme?

I wonder if that will ever change?

Here’s the video that loaded after the cycling photographer video.

I didn’t even know about the Trans America Trail…dirt roads….all the way across the country.


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