holding on to what I think I know


I had a bus that looked just like this one….except not as nice and it didn’t run very well.

I think that I ended up selling it for 400 dollars.

Oh well.

I put on a pair of bib overalls for the first time in a long time yesterday….and last night, I had a dream about a Volkswagen bus….so there must be some connection between the two events.

(I wore bib overalls pretty often back when I had my buses.)

In my dream, my wife was taking off some kind of weird rubber boot that fit over the hubcaps….and then was pulling off the nasty looking hubcaps that were underneath the rubber covering.

Of course, a real bus doesn’t have any outer layer to the hubcaps….that was just weird “dream stuff”.

Jenny was telling me that she hated how the boot/hubcap combo looked.

That must be something related to the bib overalls….subliminal….er….subconscious.

I protested this hubcap thing in my dream….telling her how it was important to leave it all “stock” (even if “dream stock” was pretty wacky)….telling her about “patina” and how we should just leave it alone.

She was right, though.

It looked pretty weird.

It was weird. Dreams are weird.

I guess that I need to get over some of my preconceptions.

If I can make something better by throwing something away, then I need to make things better by throwing it away.

(I tend to hold on to things….even pieces of paper that I think I might need later….FOR THE AUDIT, YOU KNOW?!!)

A bus….some bib overalls….restless sleep on a couch with a sick child….and a wacky dream about allowing things to change in a good way….even if it means getting rid of things that I’ve convinced myself are important….that’s a lot of stuff going on for a late evening.

Why do I hold onto things as if when I get rid of them nothing will ever take their place?

And…why would I even need to fill the space with something else? What good is all this stuff doing for me?

Why is freeing myself from baggage locked in with losing something….in my mind?

And….who is going to want to AUDIT ME? WHAT DO I HAVE TO HIDE?!!


Here’s one of the songs that Nate and I listen to in the morning….from a great album called “Simpatico” by Renée Stahl. This one features Maya Rudolph on vocals. (Yes….that Maya Rudolph). It’s a remake of a song off of Prince’s “Sign of the Times” album.

So much of the “children’s music” is really excellent…I never would have had a chance to hear it if Nate and I didn’t listen to it all the time on the way to school.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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