Thank You.


I realized just a little while ago that most of the positive actions that we’re supposed to take in our lives spring from a full understanding of the need….to be thankful.


That’s pretty much the whole enchilada.

Our expression of our faith shouldn’t come from a fear of consequences….it should be profound thankfulness for what we’ve been given.

Our love for our families isn’t just “maintenance”…it’s thankfulness.

Our love for our lives isn’t just a nice habit that jumps out of some “good attitude cake”….it should come from thankfulness.

Gratitude covers a lot of bases….gratitude is a good angle to settle into.

I’m not always full of gratitude, though.

I was looking at the “Black Friday” deals this morning.

That’s easy to do on your computer….and since it’s so early, I need to find something quiet to do so I don’t wake everybody up.

I didn’t see any deals that made me HOLLER OUT LOUD, though.

This world is set up to make me want.

How would anybody stay in business if they couldn’t make me “want”?


But….when I looked at some of the offers (DID YOU KNOW YOU COULD GET A KINDLE FOR 35 DOLLARS!! 35 DOLLARS!!), I realized how little I really needed or wanted.

Now, if somebody asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I might be able to come up with something just so I could make them feel better.

It’s crummy to be shoppig….hah!….I mispelled it….that’s a new word…SHOPPIG!! THAT’S FUNNY!!! ….what was I saying? Oh….yeah….it’s crummy to be shopping in the dark for someone….so I guess that it’s a kindness to give them an idea….but…if it’s so much work to come up with a want, even, then…..

Maybe I don’t really need anything.

Maybe I’m not full of desire.

Recognizing that I don’t need anything doesn’t mean I’ve hit the pinnacle of gratitude for what I already have, though.

I haven’t figured out consistent gratitude….yet.

We’re going to cook a turkey later today.

That’s what people do on Thanksgiving.

We’ll probably walk around in the woods….come back….eat a bunch of food….hang out at the house….go back out into the woods and look at the treehouse site….come back inside….eat some pie….hang out…

Do the usual Thanksgiving stuff….

I am thankful to be spending Thanksgiving with my family.

My life is fairly simple….and, for that, I’m very thankful.

Maybe that’s something to shoot for in the coming year? Not so much to make my life worthy of “thankfulness”….which it already is, by the way…but to recognize the NEED….AND THE RESPONSIBILITY….to be thankful for what we already have.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Everyday….thank you.



Here’s an old “Thanksgiving song”….pretty great. The really good stuff has longevity….

“alice’s restaurant massacre” Arlo Guthrie



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