family picture

funny-family-photo-2We’re going to have our family picture taken this afternoon.

We have the “carrot” of going out to eat afterwards for leverage, so hopefully it will go well.

I suspect that the mall employee taking the picture will want to contribute as much as possible to the efficiency of the process as possible, too.

I’ll bet that they’ll want to get rid of us quickly.

Now wouldn’t that be a crazy job? Taking pictures of strangers all day?

We’ve never done that before….had a family picture taken, that is.

We’ve never had a job where we took people’s pictures at the mall all day, either.


I like the memories that sneak up on me best….but the memory of getting dressed up and going to the mall to have our picture made will probably stick with us for a while….even if we forget where we put the picture the people made.

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