the big speed-up


I woke up early this morning….thinking that I hadn’t thanked my son for making some good chili.

That wasn’t my first thought….but it was the thought that I eventually rested on.

Then, I started thinking about time.

Chili was easier to wrap my head around….I should have stuck with chili.

These leaves fell quickly here….beautiful changed colors….and then…they were on the ground.

I tried to pay some attention….but they left in the middle of my appreciation.

They left fast…on the tree and beautiful…then, on the ground and… blowing away.

These kids are growing up fast, too.

Same deal….I’m trying to pay attention….but, darnit, there’s so many packages to deliver…and some bills are coming in….and I’ve got to keep these cars running…

etc, etc.

I’m a grownup…..I have distractions.

Maybe distractions are the buffer that keep us from really noticing things….like time passing?

Maybe that’s HELL….when you can really see the changes….see the passing…and realize that there’s nothing you can do to slow it down?

Maybe “seeing time” is HELL?

Or….maybe…..”seeing time” is Heaven?

Maybe being aware of it all drives home the point that you better pay attention….that this is it ….that it’s all moving on whether you come with it willingly or not.

Maybe awareness is the gift? Maybe it’s a blessing?

Maybe I should have stuck with the chili?

What’s the point of thinking about time, anyway?

What did Earl Nightingale say? Something about not “managing time”? That no one can manage time….we can only manage events? I’m probably mangling his quote….but it was something about that.

It was something about time.

How much coffee do you need to drink before you forget to keep thinking about something that IS and can’t be changed….or “managed”?

Lots of very early morning questions.

These questions are just the tip of a bigger iceberg.

Ahhhhh….what the heck?

I breathe….I move…I work…I play.

I see my family ….and do my best to really see and… notice them.

Appreciate, too….

I sleep a little.

And, then, I get up and do it again.

There’s more to life than understanding how time works….that’s for sure.

It’s all these details that are happening around the things that I choose to view as “important” that turn out to be the really important stuff, anyway.

All these trees….and I’m really lost in a beautiful forest.


I’m going to have to remember to thank Isaac for that good chili.

That was some pretty darn great chili….for reals.



“pretty maids all in a row” Eagles




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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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