Doug Tompkins….co-founder of the North Face company….died in a kayaking accident on Tuesday in Chile.

He was with his friends, Yvon Chouinard and Rick Ridgeway…..Lorenzo Alvarez….when his boat capsized in heavy winds on Lago General Carrera, on the Chilean-Argentine border.

He was a climber….and a businessman….and a lover of the outdoors who used his money to protect and save a large segment of land in Chile….creating a nature sanctuary and park.

There are so many ways to use your money.

You can buy a really nice watch.

You can buy a bigger mansion.

You could even run for President.

Or….you could develop an interest in the environment…and do what you can to protect it.

Doug Tompkins.


March 20, 1943 – December 8.2015


What a legacy.


Here’s a good article in Bloomberg about Doug Tompkins…

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