sierra nevada….how much more romantic could you get?

Jenny and I went on a brewery tour for our anniversary.

It was pretty intensely great.

It was surprisingly….great.

Of course, getting to sample some great beer at the end of the tour might have clouded our judgement a little, but I suspect it would have been great even without the beer.

This is a “local” attraction that we didn’t get a chance to visit for a while….but it’s worth the trip.

It’s a beautiful facility….and the tour is free.

The attached restaurant is a lot of fun, too….great brewpub.

I’ll write more about this later.

I wonder how much of our enjoyment was just being out by ourselves?

It’s fun to be grownups together….without frenetic kid action to contend with.

It’s fun as long as we know that we can get back to them soon, though.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Mills River, NC…out by the airport.

I’m going to take that tour again.

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