popping the pig

This is something that Nate wanted for Christmas.

It’s a game of chance and skill.

Mostly chance.

It gets pretty intense….you roll the dice, then you put a burger in the pig’s mouth and then you press his head down the right number of times.

You find out how many times to press his head down by looking at the burger before you drop it down into his mouth.

You have to be disciplined to play this game….you can’t just “get jiggy” with it and start throwing burgers into his mouth before you look at the number on the back of the burger.

It’s a crazy game….eventually, the pig has enough and he throws up his hands….and the game is over.

Then….you dump the burgers out of his rear end and start the game over again.


Action packed.

Check this game out in the next video, though.

Talk about CRAZY!!!

If we spoke Spanish, this is what we would have been playing on Christmas Day.

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