empty waiting room


In the end, the waiting room was just like any other.

We were fooled at first entry….the room was practically empty…and it was too early to read the signs of the long wait ahead on the faces of the ones already in the room.

Initially, we thought that this emergency room was better than the rest.

It wasn’t.

It was just like all the rest.

Of course, our experience (thankfully) with emergency rooms is limited.

We don’t really know what “all the rest” means.

It’s hard to understand that behind the automatic door is a lot of rooms and hallways….and even doors leading to a larger door that an ambulance can pull up to and drop people who find themselves in a big enough emergency that they can’t even sit in the room we’re sitting in…..and wait like us.

We sit and wait….and don’t see that there might be situations more dire going on behind the curtain.

That’s what takes so long….not these people waiting impatiently out in the waiting room.

It’s all these people coming by ambulance that are messing up our expediency.

But…even if we know it, we don’t see it.

So, after a 6 hour wait, we got in, got a different antibiotic….or, one to supplement the first antibiotic….got some intravenous fluid….and walked out after 7 1/2 hours feeling a whole lot better.

That’s time well spent.

Christmas is a bad time to be sick….but the Christmas break is a great time to get well.


We have INSURANCE!!!



There sure are a lot of sick people at the hospital, though.

I better stay away from there if I don’t want to get ill.


“Jesus is Waiting” Al Green


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