tomorrow….and all the year long

Zoe and I watched a movie on Netflix while everybody else was asleep on Christmas Eve.

We had it on while we wrapped all the presents.

The movie was called “This Was Tomorrow”.

Holy smokes.

That looks fun.

This video is the movie that the festival released after event was over.

Apparently they do this “aftermovie” every year.

It’s a little bit shorter than the one you can watch on Netflix.

Search YouTube if you want to watch any of the other ones….they’re all pretty wild.

In my head, I’m bouncing to the EDM (electronic dance music) with all the other ravers, but if the truth were known (to me, at least), the older fellow from Georgia who was featured in the film that Netflix is showing is probably a little closer to being a contemporary than all these young hipsters.

He looked more mature….more sedate.

We’ll ring in the New Year with some ice cream and soda….put the little guys to bed….and then we’ll probably fall asleep on the couch…trying to wait up for the big ball to drop.

It’s not a house full of non-stop party people at our home these days.

Or….maybe it is a non-stop party house….with the grown-ups trying to chase down the revelers and getting a little bit more exhausted for all our efforts?

Zoe and I both looked up how much it costs to go to this festival.

I think that admission was around 800 dollars….and camping privileges were something like 1200.

That doesn’t include food or airfare to the festival.

Man….bunch of high roller ravers….that’s for sure.

But….what a thing to add to your range of experiences, huh?

I’ll write more in the coming year…..starting tomorrow.




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