I don’t know who this is.

old pictures rorvig 071

My cousin gave me a flash drive with a bunch of old family pictures on it a bunch of years ago.

He gave me the pictures when he came down south from Montana for my father’s funeral.

I don’t know who this man on the tractor is.

It’s an old picture….and one that maybe even my cousin wouldn’t know who it was.

There were a few in the bunch of pictures that were like that.

We take pictures like crazy now….digital cameras make that easy.

So, we have a lot of pictures.

I wonder if someday some of my distant relatives will look at pictures of me that they pulled off the cloud somehow and say, “Now…..this one….I don’t know who that is. I think it was a relative of your cousin’s…..”

Funny to think about things like that….

I don’t think that we are as memorable as we think we are.

old pictures rorvig 044This picture I do know something about….

It’s a garage that my Grandfather ran in Montana.

I think that Glenn told me that it was Montana.

Interesting to look at these old photos.

It’s interesting to see what my family was up to.


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