Denise Matthews was Vanity

When Denise Matthews……a lady who used to sing under the name Vanity….died….and I heard about it that morning….I sent a video of one of her old songs to my friend….but I didn’t send him one of these videos to go with it.

We used to sing that old song….back in the day.

It was kind of nasty.

It was kind of funny to us, I guess…..

This is an interesting story….an interesting testimony.

You don’t hear a whole lot about Vanity after her conversion.

Denise wasn’t as interesting to the world as “Vanity”.

I guess that this interview is from around 1993 or so…..maybe 1994.

Talking about seeds planted 10 years earlier….remembering earlier conversations about the need to know God….good to hear.

Denise Matthews was formerly known as “Vanity”.

People change.


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