Jay-Z Freestyles!!


I heard an interview with a well-known producer the other day, and he was talking about Jay-Z.

Now, I’m not very well versed in Jay-Z’s music.

I don’t know it from Adam.

I know that he’s married to BeyoncĂ©.

I know that he makes headphones…and music…and that he’s a powerful businessman …..but other than that, I don’t know a lot about him.

But…in this interview, the producer mentioned that early on in his career, the executives were worried about how seriously Jay-Z was taking the project and demanded that he write out the lyrics he was going to perform before he came into the studio….to inspire confidence that he was thinking about what he was doing.

Apparently, Jay-Z wrote some gibberish down on a piece of paper so he’d have something to hold while he recorded….and satisfied the worried executives with his trick.

What he records is composed on the spot!

Holy Smokes!! Jay-Z freestyles!

That’s pretty amazing.

Like I said….I don’t know much about what he does…..but it’s pretty amazing to come up with all that stuff on the fly.


Awwwww…..I was going to put one of his songs up here….but they all seem to be pretty nasty.

What’s the big deal about a potty-mouthed poet?

I guess it’s kind of cool to come up with all that stuff on the fly….just too nasty for me.

It’s too nasty….even if the beat is good.

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