the itch

Sitting watching old Walt Disney cartoons with the kids, I thought about a movie I hadn’t seen for a long time.

The movie was called “Hud”.

It’s a pretty old movie….Paul Newman and Patricia Neal….young people, still.

I watched it the first time on an old black and white television.

What a great movie.

It’s a weird jump to go from a cartoon to a movie like this.

Maybe it was the era of the cartoon that made me think about Hud.

Hard to say….

If you get a chance to watch it, pay attention to the scene where Paul Newman’s character, Hud, is talking to Patricia Neal’s character, Alma….I think that it’s when Alma has decided to go away.

She’s┬ástanding in a doorway….Hud is standing on the steps leading up to the doorway…and Alma says something about a relationship between them that might have been.

It’s a sexy scene.

It’s a sexy scene….without any sex.

That’s the way to do it.

Pretty amazing.

Like I said, it’s a weird jump to go from Walt Disney to Hud.

Funny how a mind can work.

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