I’d reuse them if I knew where they fell out

I’m not working on this part on the Jeep.

My part is on the bottom side of the car.

This part that the video guy is working on is on the top part of a car.

Mine is on the bottom.

I worked at replacing the transmission mount yesterday….but when I got into it and noticed that one of the two bolts that attach the mount to the transmission was gone, and the other one was just spinning because the threads in the trans were messed up….and the new mount didn’t fit right because it wasn’t the same as the old one….and I’d gone to town to buy the missing bolt…..and it didn’t go together right….I just put the old one back on and bolted everything back together as well as I could.

It was a lot more frustrating than this horrible run-on sentence would indicate.

That’s the way it goes with car repair, though.

There are reasons that things vibrate in a bad way.

There are reasons that lube is leaking.

There are reasons that things stop working like they should.

And….it’s often not the thing that you think it is.

And….you usually break something unrelated trying to get to the thing that you need to fix.

(“Usually” is pretty pessimistic….”sometimes” is a better word for that situation.)

I’ll buy the right mount and take it to somebody to do for me.

I don’t relish the thought of trying to do this heli-coil thing laying on my back in the sharp gravel.

It would be good to have a working mount on the transmission.

I wonder why the guys that replaced the transmission with the used one I brought them didn’t fix it right the first time?

I guess that I’m more conscientious about my vehicle than they are.

Surprises like that are kind of a pain in the rear…..and….I wonder who finds all these parts that fall off of people’s cars?

I’ll bet that if you could collect enough of them, you could build something….at least a go-kart.


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