wiggling teeth


The tooth fairy has come to our house a couple of times in the last month or so.

That’s the advantage of having younger children again.

They lose baby teeth….and the tooth fairy comes to visit them when they’re sleeping.

I’m getting older….and the tooth fairy doesn’t visit me anymore.

At least, I don’t think that the tooth fairy¬†ever comes to visit me.

What do I know about what happens when I’m asleep?

Anyway, I don’t think that the tooth fairy could bring me enough money to take the sting out of losing a tooth.

Losing a grownup tooth is a bigger deal than losing a baby tooth….but we don’t seem to celebrate losing grownup teeth like we do the teeth that the little guys lose.

We don’t celebrate a lot of things that happen to us when we get older.

That’s weird.

Anyway…so….Nate gets a visit from the tooth fairy in the night, she gives him money for his tooth, and he’s getting rich.


Probably the easiest financial transaction he’ll ever have the opportunity to make.

If it wasn’t a finite supply in his mouth, and if the losing wasn’t the end of the process, he really could get rich.

He could be a tooth tycoon if he worked out the right deal with the fairy.

That’s kind of a long winded preamble to the end of the story, though.

I looked over the other day and he had his fingers on the teeth and was checking each one for play.

“What are you doing?!!”

Of course, the answer was “nothing”…..it usually is when confronted like that.

Hands in the cookie jar, hands on a tooth, the answer would always be “nothing”.

“Nothing” covers a lot of ground.

I know what he’s doing, though.

He’s planning.

He’s wiggling his teeth and planning for his future.

This tooth stuff could be “seed money” if he plays his cards right.

What a deal.

Who can blame him, though?

I do my own version….checking things out, seeing what I’m willing to lose forever in return for enough of the filthy, filthy lucre.


Let the teeth be….the fairy will still be around if they stay in your mouth for a while, Nate.

Don’t be in such a hurry…..no matter how profitable it is.


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