We went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

It was something that Jenny wanted to do….and, luckily, it was a kid friendly activity.

I’m kidding, of course.

Jenny wanted to do it because it was a kid friendly activity.

I think that she would have liked to linger in the garden area of the zoo a little more than we were able (we walked fast through that section)….but we had a nice time looking at the stuff the little guys wanted to look at.

It’s precarious….figuring out the stuff that the little guys can do before it all falls apart.

Nate drew this for school.

she said turn 001

It’s his take on the situation.

It’s a true story.

We missed our unmarked turn and Jenny was mad at me for not planning for the thing we couldn’t see.

That’s how I roll, though.

I never see it coming.

Especially when I can’t see it coming.

Anyway….we got directions and drove back a mile or two….and we were there… the zoo.


And, for Columbia, it was a pretty nice day.

I think that the temperature only got up to about 91°.

That’s nice for Columbia.

I think that we beat the heat.

The zoo was good….and I recovered from being a poor planner when it turned out to be close.

I wouldn’t have been redeemable if I’d kept driving like I’d planned to do.

When you’re lost, keep driving.

Stay the course.

Mother’s Day.

I’m glad I didn’t wait until Florida to ask for directions.

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