all the breakdowns


I’ve owned 3 VW buses….and know how much work they take.

You have to maintain them… have to repair them.

I’m nostalgic for my vans.

But….I don’t see the appeal of setting yourself up in a trendy vehicle, no matter how cool the poptop or the little kitchen, if it’s going to break down so often.

Other than the vehicle being REALLY PRETTY COOL, it’s hard to figure….

You know, though…..watching this video made me remember that, as far as I know, there isn’t a big community centered around the Ford E-350.

No matter how cool a converted Econoline is, I don’t know that people look on the internet trying to find you.

This is a good video, and it does touch on the realities of breakdowns and crowded conditions….and even travelling with children.

It’s a good video.

But, man!! Those old Volkswagen vans bust down a lot….but….again, but….some of my most hilarious memories are about trying to keep my┬ávan on the road.

Maybe all the breakdowns are the salt and pepper in a life?

Maybe they’re the hot sauce?

Spicy breakdowns.

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