someone else’s mortgage

The less you own, the less you owe.

Unless you have a whole bunch of stuff that you paid off already.

Here’s a video about a guy living in a Westphalia van….in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara is expensive.

If you can find a place to park your house, you have a place to live.



Did I use this video already?

It seems like something that I’d do….in spite of all my efforts to not repeat myself too much.

Wait for the comments about the “waterfront pass”.

For 90 dollars a year, this guy gets a pass that allows him to park in any waterfront area in Santa Barbara during the day.

At night, he parks at a friend’s house.

(Man…you could get a membership at the YMCA….workout, shower….maybe even sleep in the parking lot. How cool is that? If we got a really big camper van…or a school bus….we could all live a wacky and unconventional life until the cops came to chase us out. We could live free!!! Or….not.)

What a plan!

You can figure out a way to live cheap almost anywhere….and not be sleeping on a piece of cardboard in the woods.

I guess you do need a van, though.

Man, you always need stuff.

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