sustaining a sense of wonder


My routine lately is to get up at 5, stumble out to the room outside of our bedroom, grab a can of cat food to put down on the porch floor as I make my way to the porta potty that we’ll soon be able to get rid of (when the septic system is finished), do my business in the little blue house, come back inside and wash my hands, then….go downstairs and walk the puppy, then feed the puppy, then walk the puppy again and put him out in the garden area, then….then…..(what do I do “then”?)….I come upstairs and sit down at the computer and if I’m not too frazzled from making my way in the early world, I write this blog.

Maybe I’ll make some coffee before I come back upstairs.

That’s it.

That’s how the morning starts.

That’s why some mornings I just post a YouTube video.

That’s easy to do when I’m still a little disoriented.

These mornings lately have been so light (with a full or almost full moon) that I can’t believe it.

It’s like daylight almost.

I thought about “sense of wonder” when I was out by myself in this morning light.

On a Sunday at 5 AM, it’s really quiet.

People don’t have much of an early agenda going on a Sunday.

Sunday is the day of rest, unless you have a cat and a dog to feed.

It’s so quiet.

I love that quiet.

Moonlight and quiet is a good thing.

So….anyway….this whole sense of wonder thought came up and I thought that if you lose the ability to take pleasure in the wonder that’s all around us, you’ve pretty much lost it all.

You have lost it all.

What a grim way to tick off the days….without the ability to feel the wonder…. and the gratitude that follows.

Maybe that’s one of the good things that you can give your children?

Maybe giving them something more than a memory of what a cranky Daddy they had is important?

No matter what our accomplishments….no matter how advanced we think we are intellectually….no matter how much we think that we understand about the world and our place in it….if we don’t recognize that we need to be amazed every minute by something incredible that’s been put before us…well….maybe we’re falling shy of something good.

It’s light outside these mornings, and I know that the darkness follows, and that’s OK, too.

I know about the light….and I know about the darkness.

I wait for the light….and know where to find it.

I celebrate the wonder when I remember.

What an amazing place to land for a while.

Isn’t this world something?!


“all the diamonds in the sea” Bruce Cockburn


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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