I like to hear what people say

Charlie Dark.

Fun talk.

A talk about enjoying.

Enjoying life….enjoying “whatever”.

Charlie Dark started a “running club” (although he’d resist calling anything a club) called RUN DEM CRW.

That’s fun.

He came from the DJ culture and brings that same flash and fun to his fitness career.

Smart and cool.

Why not make it all fun?

We treat fitness like we’re a machine in the shop, “working out”….working….working.

“Work” isn’t always very fun.

Why make the exercise we do so rigid and boring?

Heart rate monitors, charts, calories…..they have a place, I guess….but it can all be so much fun, too.

These TedTalks can be kind of long…but I like this guy and this one had a lot of good things to say.

One thing that he said is that one of the “rules” he believes is that “if you don’t run, then you must cheer”.

That’s a good rule.

Enthusiasm is the key to this whole ball of wax….this life….this world.

Find something that you can be enthusiastic about, and then pursue it.

Why are all the hard things so simple?

This guy is building  a strong and creative community around running.


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