The dude just picked up our porta potty!! VICTORY!!




The dude just picked up our porta potty.

That must be a sign that things are getting closer to normal…or at least closer to the “way things were”.

That is major cool.

After having a new septic system built….then discovering that the old cast iron flange couldn’t be repaired with two wax rings anymore….and repairing that problem with a new subfloor and a PVC repair flange…..we can finally flush without concern again.

So….why would we need a porta potty anymore?

Well, the answer to THAT QUESTION IS…..WE DON’T !!

Farewell, good and constant friend.

Porta Potty….thanks for being there when we couldn’t have done without you.

Thank you, Porta Potty.


“the way we were” Barbara Streisand


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