“I think he’s creepy”

I asked our two-year-old what she thought of Donald Trump, and she said, “I think he’s creepy”.

That was kind of funny….to me.

Had a good day out on the route….saw a couple of very young raccoons who didn’t know enough to get out of the long dirt road.

Sat and watched them watch me for a while….and when I started to creep forward, they sauntered off into the ditch.

That’s the thing about this route….I can be off by myself….deep in the country to deliver to a couple of mailboxes that are a couple of miles up the mountain….and….somehow….it’s still work.

I get paid!

I like being out in the country.

Again….don’t tell anyone.

And….I’m thinking about running again.

I put it on hold while I was trying to learn the new route….but it feels like it might be time to give it another go.

I’m tired of feeling stiff like an old man.

At least when I’m running, I feel like I have a little spring in my step.

I’ve got to get this browser problem fixed, too.

It’s driving me crazy to have the browsers misbehaving like this.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.


“I think he’s creepy” — 2 Comments

  1. Just catching up with all the clips & posts.
    Thank you for the running video-where do you think it was filmed?
    I’m often envious of these lovely mountain/beach routes, but this morning we ran 3 laps of a small forest with the last of the summer sun glinting through the trees, & it was as nice as anywhere!
    Kids’ thoughts about DT-my 9 year old finds him alarming…& can’t quite believe he’s standing for BA’s job!
    Oh, I really – what’s the word – treasure the closeness with my boy. Although he’s 9, thank goodness he still wants cuddles & creeps into bed with us at the weekend. Having only one child, I try & prolong this instinctive nurturing thing as long as possible. The dog gets the surplus love!
    I like the names you gave your kids. Sometimes names just surface & adhere. My son is Arlo; a & r for ‘Arun’, l & o for ‘lives on’. Named after my dad who passed on a year before Arlo was born, & you know-they would have been soul-mates!
    Sorry to drone on with one big comment!
    Keep hoping you will get some run time. It’s preventative medicine!

    • Thank you so much for your heartfelt comments! I love the name “Arlo”…and love the meaning behind the name. My son, Nate, was born 7 months after my own father passed away….and (because we were being careful about sharing the news “early on”) my father never got the chance to know about even the possibility of him. I suspect that he knows….even though he’s gone…like I suspect your own father knows about your son.
      I think that the running video might have been filmed out in California. I’ve seen that hill before in other videos, but I’m not sure where it is….maybe Southern California, somewhere.
      We live in a beautiful area in NC….but still love to think about beaches or other mountains. It’s funny how that goes.
      Your comments mean a lot…..thanks again….Peter