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Conversation with Nate tonight:

Me: Batman’s pretty smart.

Nate: Yeah….that’s because he’s a billionaire. Billionaire’s are smart.

What? What’s that about? Billionaires? Smart?

I need the veneer of money to cement my stature as a reasonably smart guy….or maybe I need money to start the rumor that I’m smart?

Who wants to be a millionaire? Wasn’t that the question that the television used to ask?

It’s funny what goes on in Nate’s head….interesting to talk to him.

I had a crazy, horrendous day at work today….started at 6:30…..finished at 6:15….full of packages and pounds and pounds of letters and magazines and catalogs.

Crazy, crazy, crazy day….all the while wondering if I was going to be able to find enough gas anywhere so that I could do it all again come morning.

Our local station sold me 25.00 worth, though….and saved the day.

Now I’m loaded for bear….ready to rock….all gassed up and rarin’ to deliver little bundles of joy all over these mountains.

Tomorrow should be easier.

Tuesdays at the USPS are always better than Mondays.

I can hardly wait…..

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