Vote like the Amish

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I was listening to a podcast again yesterday of a conversation between Tim Ferriss and Kevin Kelly.

At one point in their talk, the conversation veered over to a discussion of the Amish.

Kevin Kelly likes the Amish.

Did you know that the Amish are apolitical?

They don’t care about politics.

Good for them.

I listened to conservative talk radio today while I drove the mail around.

That was pretty horrible.

Pretty darn horrible.

Of course, after a day of listening to all the yelling, I almost started wondering if Trump wasn’t the¬†way to go this time around.

On Right Wing talk radio, Hillary is the devil.

Maybe I should say the “Devil” with a capital D.

She may not be good….but I doubt that she’s the Devil.

Anyway…..I like the Amish way a whole lot right now.

You take care of your family, live a simple life, avoid technology that detracts from the strength of the community….and you don’t get upset about what some wackos are doing up in Washington.

That sounds good.

I feel like voting like the Amish.

I feel like not voting, too.

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