See the World….episode 1 (2 parts)

This is the first part of what (now) is a nine part video series.

The first part is in two videos….and I may have used this first part in an earlier blog…but it’s worth a repeat just to get the ball rolling again and to start the series at the beginning.

It’s pretty amazing.

I think that the guy making these is from Canada (shows that I haven’t watched all of these very carefully….I’m not even sure where he’s from) and he’s traveled all over the world on his bicycle.

I like his style….easygoing.

His name is Iohan Gueorguiev….

Seems like a pretty decent fellow.

I was going to run these concurrently…..but I think that, if I remember, I’ll run one of these videos every Sunday.

It’s kind of sadistic to put all these long videos on the blog….but these are so good.

Makes me want to pump up the tires and go.


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