See the World…episode 3

Here’s episode 3 of Iohan Gueorguiev’s video series, I Want to See the World.

This (and I know that I’ve said it before….but) is a great video series.

He started riding out of Canada in 2014….and he’s still riding.

Hah! Quote from the video: “Hey, look! There’s some road on those potholes!”

At this point in the series, there are now 10 videos. I featured the first episode (two parts) of the series a couple of Sundays ago.

Check out his website .

Great, great, great!

Thanks, Iohan!

It’s still dry here…really dry, like….no real rain for months….and there was so much smoke in our little valley from a fire in Lake Lure that you almost couldn’t see our mountains when we got home from a trip to Greenville yesterday.

Man….”almost couldn’t see our mountains”.

That’s from a big fire that’s 30 miles away.

These forest fires aren’t something that are familiar to us.

We live in a pretty wet area, so this drought is strange….and the fires stranger.

It’ll rain someday….and then I’ll probably miss all this dry weather.

I can’t emphasize how great I think this series is.

Canada to South America!

(Check out the video 30 minutes in…..sitting all alone at Old Faithful….and compare it to this photo from our trip out west a couple of years ago….)



There were a lot more people when we were there.

Happy Sunday!

I’m going to make some coffee before everyone else wakes up.

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