Fat Biking Norway

Here’s a short film called Norway:Grey and Glittering.

Joe Cruz is the guy who made the film.

Norway is where my people come from, so watching a movie about some dudes pedaling around the country is pretty interesting.

Of course, watching a movie is never as good as doing it ourselves.

I need to go deliver the mail later this morning and don’t have any money for an airline ticket.

Jenny would wonder where I was if I was on my way to Norway with a fat bike….so I better just stick with the routine and go deliver the mail.

I wouldn’t go anywhere without all the guys, anyway.

Besides, we¬†live in one of the best areas in the world for mountain biking, so the excuse of ” I don’t have a plane ticket” doesn’t really make much sense.

I don’t have to go anywhere else to have an adventure.

We have room for adventure right where we are.

But….Norway looks pretty cold and grey!

Why not head out someday and bask in some of that Scandinavian winter?

Fat biking Norway? Looks pretty cool to me.

( A disclaimer: This guy drops some major “F-Bombs” midway through the movie when the going gets really muddy and tough….so get ready to turn the sound down if the kids are watching.)



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