See the World….episode 4

It’s Sunday….and time for another episode of  Iohan Gueorguiev’s “See the World” bicycle tour videos.

“This video covers December 2014 – March 2015, cycling from Breckenridge, Colorado to San Diego, California. Along the way I visited many of America’s National Parks and when possible took backroads.” (from Iohan’s description on YouTube)

This series is one of my favorite things that I’ve seen lately.

I like Forestyforest’s videos a lot, too.

You can find them here….

This series is so good!

It’s good to know that there are decent folks like Iohan out there in the world.

What a trip!

What’s that quote from the movie Blade Runner?

The one at the end where Rutger Hauer’s character talks about the things his eyes have seen?

Thanks for recording your trip, Iohan!

Thanks for sharing the things you’ve seen!


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