The Marcus King Band!! Boy, oh Boy!!

We watched the AMA show….the American Music Awards….and, much to my surprise, the Marcus King Band wasn’t featured.

I’m not really surprised.

I’m being facetious.

Every pretty boy punk and vacuous entertainer was featured, but a band with real talent that should be a household name someday isn’t up to being on a show like that.

They don’t deserve to be on a stage with all that other useless noise.

They need to share a stage with real musicians if they’re going to share one at all.

They’re so good!

And….the lead singer and guitarist, Marcus King…. is 20 years old.


This is a band to watch.

I hope that I get a chance to see them live before I can’t afford to do it anymore.

Here’s a link to their website…..check them out.


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