See the World…episode 6

It’s Sunday…and time for another in Iohan Gueorguiev‘s video series, See the World.

This time it’s SEE THE WORLD 6: Copper Canyon and The Backroads of Mexico.

These videos are so great…so full of gentle humor and good vibes.

And….you get to see things out in the world that I don’t know how I’d get to see, otherwise.

Iohan is still out there riding his bike, still travelling, so my Sunday morning routine is safe for a little while, at least.

I think that he has 12 of these videos so far.

Of course, I can type faster than he can ride, so at some point I may have to figure out something else to write about on Sunday.

That’s OK….there’s no sense trying to wait him out while he gets another video together.

I’ve got a life, too, you know.

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