in New Zealand, everyone does this….

I showed Jenny the last video I put on here….the one I used yesterday about the 2 acre reclaimed forest….and she said something along the lines of not being surprised by it….that lots of people in New Zealand did stuff like that.

So….everybody in New Zealand does stuff like this?

No…..that wasn’t what she said.

She said that lots of people do stuff like this….in New Zealand.

“Lots” and “everybody” are two different things.

The trouble with a deal like this is where do you park it after you’ve built it?

In a beautiful meadow with sheep and cows running around?


(I’m being silly. Being silly and drinking coffee. That’s a good morning, that….being silly and drinking coffee….)

That sounds pretty idealistic, actually….ideal.

New Zealand sounds good.

I think that I heard that as a special promotion, in response to Trump’s immigration changes, that New Zealand was letting us all in to live the good and pastoral life.

(Not running from…..running to.)

Well, good for them! I’m ALL IN!!

And….the most amazing thing is that it would probably be a lot easier for me to find parts for my right hand drive MAIL JEEP!!

That’s cool.

Speaking of “mail jeep”….it’s in the shop having a steering gear and upper ball joint replaced.

It’s stuff I could do…but it’s a lot less stressful having somebody else do it and just paying off the credit card.

Who am I kidding?

It’s all stressful.

Everything except parking your handmade tiny home in a field of sheep and showering on the porch of your house is stressful


How do I get to New Zealand, anyway?


This film is from happenfilms.

Their website is here….

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