seventeen dollar bicycle

hot rock

We bought Nate a little mountain bike yesterday at the Goodwill.

We already have an old Marin that’s jet black….muy macho….but it’s a little big for him, so this will be a good option for a while.

When we take off the pink bell, it will transform into a boy’s bike….with flowers on it.

Boys like flowers, too.

That’s cool.

I’m glad the bike was blue.

I love these cheap bikes.

Where can you have as much fun on something that you spend seventeen dollars on?


Of course, on our road there’s a million giant trucks….some flying rebel flags from the beds….driven by teenage boys seeking masculine identity and their own high-speed place in the world….so we worry about letting the kids out to ride around on the street.

But, still, a bike is a great freedom inducer.

Sometimes, you find a bike that’s a great deal.

That’s the beauty of the thrift store workers not really knowing what they’re doing.

If he doesn’t crash it and mangle the bike, Sparrow should inherit it at some point.

That’s good.

It’s a blast to have some bikes.



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