what I think about when I’m not running….

From the YouTube description…. “Imagine an Island in the Indian Ocean: mountains, rainforest..a population passionate about trailrunning, a race going on it’s 20th edition. We are on the Island of La RĂ©union, A Trail Running Island – enjoy !”


I’m still not running….in fact, I’m stiff in the back, having hurt myself contorting last Monday, trying to organize a pile of huge packages in the restricted space we have in our office.

So….right now, I’m stiff in the back.

Of course, it only flares up if I sit for a long time.

A long time…like delivering mail for 6 hours at a drive.

Oh well.

Here’s Killian….out in the world….enjoying his friends and the new people he meets….enjoying running.

That sounds good.

I like to listen to anybody who’s enjoying their life.

Man….I enjoy my life, too !

I need to get this “back thing” back to normal.

I have a lot of stuff to do.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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