how long will it take?

Did this on Jenny’s minivan last night.

At the beginning of any of these jobs, especially if they start before dinner, Jenny is curious how long it’s going to take to finish.

This is either a fast and easy job….or a horrible job that takes a while….depending on what you find when you start turning (or trying to turn) any of the fasteners.

I ended up cutting the bottom nut off on the side that I decided to finish last night.

“Horrible” is relative…but the job didn’t go really easy.

One thing that I notice in these videos is that it seems to be a lot more ergonomic to have the car up on a lift than it is to lay in the gravel.

That looks a lot more comfortable.

This isn’t a horrible job, really, but the simplest things can get hard if the nut is frozen on and the space is tight.

I’ll hold my tongue the next time I tell somebody that “it should be easy”.

Here’s another video that shows a mechanic working through the problems you’ll potentially run into…..

(He doesn’t have a lift!)

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